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Virtual Drop-In Group Facilitator

Self Help Services

Manchester, Greater Manchester

Ref: dhvol1
Deadline: 03 May 2012

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Health, Medical


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Purpose:  To facilitate virtual drop in group for people with anxiety.

Online Responsibilities:

•    To facilitate virtual drop in group meetings as required in accordance and Self Help Services’ Code of Ethics
•    To facilitate virtual drop in groups for Anxiety and on a weekly basis for two hours per week
•    To monitor the online forum, remove posts that conflict with the forum ground rules, and respond to queries

General Responsibilities
•    To publicise the groups as necessary, in consultation with the Self Help Services Community Services Manager
•    To take responsibility for all administrative duties associated with the role
•    To attend external supervision at the minimum bi-monthly
•    To liaise with other projects and organisations as appropriate
•    To attend self help team meetings and other self help events as required
•    To undergo service performance meetings with the Self Help Services Volunteer Co-ordinator and Community Services Manager
•    To undertake any other relevant duties as required
•    To record and monitor group attendance statistics for annual reports and fundraising purposes
•    To contribute towards promotion for the service/self help services
•    To attend open days, mental health awareness days and other related events
•    To undertake any other duties commensurate with the role

    Person Specification

Essential requirements
•    Good understanding of mental health problems
•    Experience of group work
•    Knowledge of mental health/support services
•    An interest in the area of mental health
•    Good listening skills
•    Respect for all
•    Good communication skills
•    Good IT skills and experience of using chat rooms and online forums
•    Reliability & commitment – at least 6 months -  ideally at least one year
•    Awareness of differing individual issues around a particular self help group/service
•    Willingness to work both on own initiative and as part of a team
•    Basic numeracy and administration skills
•    Ability to deal with external agencies/media

Desirable requirements
•    Lived experience of a mental health issue
•    Experience of delivering groups/structured courses
•    Ability to review/produce course content
•    Ability and willingness to undertake promotion
•    Experience of and ability to produce publicity
•    Experience of monitoring and evaluation
•    We welcome applications from older people.


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