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Phone Addicts

The Vegan Society
The Vegan Society

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Deadline: 31 July 2013

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Communications, PR

International Development


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Got skills that you aren’t utilising?
Do you have a little bit of time (ranging from less than an hour to several months if you’ve got more to spare)?
Want experience for your CV/Portfolio/Change of career/Wish to be involved in the charity sector?

The Vegan Society needs you!
We have a range of tasks and asks that you can be involved in which would immensely help The Vegan Society in our advocacy, lobbying and education work, and which would ultimately help to create a more vegan-friendly world. Volunteering with us couldn’t be easier or more rewarding.
Your Society. Your Choice.

Phone Addicts
Do you click with people on the phone? Do you love talking to people about things that you’re passionate about? And can you be persuasive? Would you like to see our magazine, The Vegan, distributed more widely? You can help us by calling organisations, shops, community centres and other relevant places to increase the distribution of The Vegan. 

Or would you like to see even more discounts on vegan products and services for Vegan Society members and supporters? Help us expand our Discount List by calling relevant organisations.

Even if you have limited time, we’d love to hear from you, as all it would take would be a spare day every quarter. These are voluntary roles and can be carried out remotely from home or from our office in Birmingham, from a couple of hours every few weeks to more often if you have more time.


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