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BEN Friend (Welfare Visitor)

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Ref: BENWelfJohn
Deadline: 26 June 2012

This job is now closed and you may no longer apply


Social Welfare


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This is an opportunity to give time to people.

Volunteers will visit people of all ages in their own homes, listening, befriending, assessing their circumstances and reporting findings back to the Welfare Office in writing, observing strict confidentiality at all times. You will be a given a caseload to suit you, for you to manage within our guidelines. Volunteers will initially carry out visits with one of BEN’s Welfare staff; support will always be available by telephone once making visits on your own.

General duties and responsibilities:

- Supporting people in their homes and by phone.
- Report writing.
- Some form filling.

Applicant requirements:

- Must be able to travel to peoples' homes.
- Valid Driving Licence.
- Good listening and empathy skills.
- Non-judgemental and patient attitude is imperative.
- Ability to build a rapport with people of all ages and backgrounds.
- Be able to volunteer independently.

Benefits to volunteer:

- An opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of individuals in need. This highly flexible role allows you to manage your workload around your other activities and responsibilities.


- Within reasonable travel distance to yourself.


- We would hope for a commitment of at least a year.
- We let you make the arrangements for the visits to suit you and the people involved – flexible but within limits deemed acceptable by the Welfare Officer.


- Full training and support from the BENfriend Co-ordinator and Welfare Office.
- This will include visiting and listening skills.
- POVA training (protection of vulnerable adults).
- Basic benefits training.
- Annual Area Training Day. This is a good opportunity to meet up with our other volunteers and will update you on many aspects of support, information and advice.

Reimbursement of expenses:

- Travel: 45p per mile.
- Out of pocket expenses.


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