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Volunteer Opportunities in Zimbabwe

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Deadline: 04 September 2013

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Are you 18-25?

Do you care about poverty?

Progressio is looking for volunteers for our youth volunteering programme in Zimbabwe.

Progressio ICS, an International Citizen Service programme, is offering UK-based 18 to 25 year olds a once in a lifetime opportunity to volunteer overseas. (There are also some group leader places for people of 23+). Your team will spend 10 weeks volunteering alongside local people tackling poverty together in the areas of environment, HIV, participation and gender.

You don’t have to pay to volunteer for Progressio ICS, but we do ask you to fundraise to help meet some of the costs.

Volunteer overseas, gain new skills, meet new people and use your experiences to inspire social action on global issues back in the UK.

You don’t need years of experience, we are looking for volunteers who are committed, keen, able to work with others and open to learning.

Gain first-hand experience of community based development and use your ideas and talents to help local organisations and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.
Zimbabwe is at a crossroads. Many years of crisis have brought the country to its knees. Nearly 20 per cent of the population are HIV positive. Life expectancy has plummeted to 43 years for women and 44 for men. But there is hope. There is great resilience among the Zimbabwean people who have the potential to lift themselves out of poverty.

Previous ICS Progressio volunteers in Zimbabwe worked with local young people to learn and share ideas to improve faith-based responses to HIV, shared skills and experiences and brought ideas to childhood development classes for children orphaned by HIV, and used entrepreneurial and organisational skills to help with livelihood projects.


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