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Participatory Planning and Monitoring Adviser

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Deadline: 14 November 2013

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Based in Al-Hodeida, Yemen
Three-year placement

Please note that for this placement we are only able to consider applicants who are able to start by 2 February 2014.

The Progressio Development Worker will build the capacity of the selected civil society network and community structures in the Al-Hodeida governorate in fostering effective participatory development and good local governance, specifically in the Al-Munirah and Hays districts.

S/he will build the capacity of civil society to engage with authorities, on local and national levels, through continuous on-the-job coaching and mentoring and the implementation of key project activities.

The successful candidate should have a degree level qualification or equivalent diploma in a relevant discipline and education/training in specific aspects of community development.

A minimum of three years’ direct work experience in participatory planning, budgeting and monitoring for local governance with NGOs, networks, local communities and local government units is essential. You should also have experience in rights-based and gender sensitive development planning, needs prioritisation and resource mobilisation; in strengthening the engagement between government, civil society organisations and communities within the framework of decentralised governance; in building the capacity of CSOs and networks in advocacy and lobbying for changes in policy, and of working in a resource poor environment.

Understanding of decentralised systems of governance; of the importance of good networking and information strategies surrounding citizen involvement in participatory planning and budgeting; demonstrable knowledge and skills in organisational development tools and methodologies, including the ability to transfer skills and knowledge through formal or informal training and skill sharing, and excellent research and analytical skills, including the ability to translate complex (and potentially sensitive) ideas/issues into briefings and presentations for diverse audiences are essential.

You should also have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to communicate and work with a wide range of people in a collaborative manner; maturity and sound political judgement; initiative, excellent time management and organisational skills required to plan and implement own work and meet deadlines; good problem solving skills and the ability to adapt skills and knowledge to the local context; personal commitment to learn basic Arabic, and adaptability and cultural sensitivity in an Islamic environment.


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