Introducing the new candidate dashboard

Welcome to the new charity job candidate dashboard! Before you get started, here’s what you can expect to see and what you can do to really maximise your experience.


Recommended jobs: where the latest roles come to you.

Introducing the new candidate dashboard

Our new ‘recommended jobs tab lists all of the latest vacancies that we think could be a great fit for you. Complete your profile and let us do the work for you! By sharing what you’re looking for in your next role, we can recommend the most relevant jobs available.


Saved jobs: come back, when you’re ready.

Introducing the new candidate dashboard

Love the sound of a job but don’t quite have the time to apply right now? Don’t worry, just save the job and it’ll go straight to your dashboard. So you can take your time, tweak your CV, craft the perfect cover letter and apply when you’re ready. Access the job directly by clicking ‘view job’ and see how much time you have left to make the application by keeping an eye on the ‘days left’ countdown.


Your applications… all in one place.

Introducing the new candidate dashboard

We want to create a streamlined experience from the moment that you see job to submitting an application. That’s why you can keep track of every application that you’ve made on CharityJob from your dashboard. Clicking on ‘view job’ allows you to see the job details while ‘view application’ gives you a chance to view the CV and cover letter that you submitted.


Your new profile

This is the chance for us to get to know you better. Your profile is more than just a few questions and answers, this information allows us to recommend the jobs that you’ll love and allows you to receive emails with jobs that fit your specific needs. So, instead of searching for your next opportunity, it can simply find you.

Your profile now has an additional feature! Here, you’ll be able to see all of your saved jobs that are expiring this week. That way you’re less likely to miss out on any jobs that may have slipped your mind.


All of this, in one place.

Introducing the new candidate dashboard

Maybe you want to go into one specific are of your dashboard rather than seeing everything at once? We’ve got it covered. The new drop down menu gives you a chance to go straight to the area that is most important to you right now. Giving you access to the pages that matter most.

That’s everything for now! But there are more changes coming soon so keep an eye on your dashboard for the latest changes.

Jade Phillips

Marketing Manager at CharityJob. A true bookworm and social media geek, you'll find me living in pockets of online communities. Unattended snacks might go missing if left around me...

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