Asking for Money

Fundraising, Training

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The final act: ‘when to ask and when not to ask’.

We’ll start with examples of asking for money and then reveal the five ways of asking for a commitment.  As a fundraiser, you need to be able to use all of them and not be limited to one or two techniques.  You need to predict which options are appropriate for which donors.  We’ll start with examples to show the techniques, move onto case studies for you to practice using the full repertoire, moving on to a chance to prepar an ‘ask’ with one of your own donors.

Presenters:Bill Bruty and Chupa Phiri

What you will learn

  • Understanding of the five ways to ask for a commitment.
  • Ability to predict which technique to use with which donor.
  • Understanding of your own ‘asking comfort zone’ and how you need to expand your repertoire.

What you require

A curious mind.