Researching Bilateral Donors for International Development

Fundraising, Training

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The big flows of money for international development come from a small group of fewer than ten countries.  This session will equip you to identify the best governments for you to approach and how to reach them.

We’ll look at a cascade of research sources that will help you to refine your funding targets.  We’ll start with the Development Assistance Committee of the OECD, explore Donor Tracker, and investigate the websites of donor countries.  We’ll also look at other sources: Triple Funds, Funds4NGOs and Devex.  The real opportunities and the routes to the money will become crystal clear.

Presenter:  Khadija Ga’al

What you will learn


  • Ability to use the OECD-DAC data to identify the key sources of funding for specific countries. 
  • Ability to decide which application route to take, in partnership, in-country or direct to the Bilateral’s HQ .
  • Ability to find identify suitable partners to collaborate with.

What you require

A curious mind.