Behavioural Safety online course

Care Management, Human Resources


This course defines behavioral safety and explains the origins of the concept. It covers how it can be implemented in the workplace and some of the potential benefits. It includes an analysis of some examples of ‘at-risk behaviors’ and some examples of ways you can measure how well your organisation is doing when it comes to safety. 

The Behavioural Safety Online course is approved by The International Institute of Risk & Safety Management IIRSM.

What you will learn

  • Behavioural Safety Introduction
  • Essential Terms and Business Benefits
  • How Behavioural Safety Works
  • Setting Up a Programme
  • Ensuring Positive Workforce Attitudes

Note: This is a video course with a high-quality combination of up to date content, animation and presentation which contributes to better retention of knowledge, whilst keep you interested and engaged. Please keep this in mind when you compare with other online courses in the market.  

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