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Charity Entrepreneurship has opened applications for two Incubation Programs (late June to late August 2022 and early February to late March 2023). In the last few years CE facilitated the launch of 18 new charities. Several are on track to becoming field leaders in their respective cause areas.

We provide well-researched charity ideas, a 2-month, full-time, cost-covered, in-depth training program (online), cash stipends to cover living expenses, considerable funding (of up to $175,000) to bring the projects to life, and a wide range of ongoing support.

What we need are the aspiring founders — the people to take the high-impact charity ideas and make them a reality. We are not necessarily looking for experience, rather, for potential. 

Visit our website and consider if founding a charity is the right fit for you:

What you will learn

Work 8 hours a day developing relevant skills in real-world partner projects:

  • Is your charity cost-effective? Prepare a Cost-effectiveness Analysis (CEA)

  • Where do you operate? Draft a Geographic Assessment Framework

  • How do you begin implementation? Outline a One-year Plan

  • What is your impact? Prepare a Monitoring & Evaluation Plan

  • How much funding do you need? Draft a Budget

  • How do you best fundraise? Prioritize potential funders

  • How do you work with your co-founder? Come up with a Founders’ Agreement to facilitate your collaboration

  • And many more

Receive extensive group and individual feedback, ready-made templates (e.g., sample budgets, one-year plans), and one-on-one discussions about your progress.

What you require

Take our quiz: to see if you are a good fit and ask trusted peers and colleagues for their opinions.
We accept candidates of all ages from a wide range of backgrounds.
Experience is helpful but not necessary. We train people with over a decade of expertise alongside those with little to no work experience or formal education.



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