Coercive and Controlling Behaviour - CPD Accredited

Advocacy, Training

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Join us for a comprehensive training session on Coercive and Controlling Behaviour (CCB) in intimate/family relationships. In England and Wales, CCB is a criminal offence, and this course equips participants with essential knowledge and tools to tackle it effectively.

Format: Online or Face to Face
Duration: 3.5 hours
Pre-course requirements: None


Professionals encountering potential victims/perpetrators of domestic abuse, including:

  • Domestic abuse/sexual violence sector staff
  • Health/social care staff
  • Education professionals
  • Housing teams
  • HR personnel

We're Aurora New Dawn, a feminist-led charity dedicated to ending violence against women, children, and hidden violence. Our training, rooted in frontline advocacy and support services, empowers learners to provide initial support, refer, and signpost victims for long-term safety and protection. All our trainers have extensive knowledge, as well first hand practical experience.

If you're interested in any further training opportunities, please check out our events page, or email us at - [email protected]

What you will learn


  • Increase knowledge of domestic abuse, focusing on CCB.
  • Enhance confidence in responding to coercive control.

By the end, participants will:

✅ Define key legislation related to CCB.
✅ Identify coercive control behaviors.
✅ Understand its impact on victims and children.
✅ Recognize links with risk.
✅ Gain confidence in addressing domestic abuse.