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There are hundreds of animal charities, involving a vast network of committed individuals and organisations working in a non-commercial environment to rescue, care for and re-home companion animals.

The RSPCA reported a 57 % rise in relinquished animals, with numbers rising from 7,347 to 11,586 in one year.

The Cats Protection revealed a 77% increase in unwanted cats and 6 other leading re-homing charities in the UK reveal a uniformly upward trend involving admissions of cats and dogs over the past three years.

Every animal passing through a re-homing centre should be assessed to determine which kind of home the animal is best suited to. Re-homing animals is a critical aspect of any animal home's work; finding the right new owner for an animal is a huge responsibility.


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The Animal Rehoming course explores how to successfully match animals with new owners and is suitable training for anyone wanting to work in the animal charity sector.

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