CPD course on restorative justice in higher education settings

Crime, Human Resources

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This CPD accredited face-to-face course aims to train professionals in higher education settings on restorative practice. It has three modules providing: 

  • An overview of restorative justice theory 
  • Examples of restorative practice, and; 
  • Interactive workshops with case studies in the context of higher education including HR, conflict management (staff, students etc).


The course has three modules and runs for 5 hours plus 1.5 hours break. 

There is an advance reading time (4 hours) and follow up studying (5 hours).


Professor Theo Gavrielides

Ben Lyon

What you will learn


  • Increase the skills and knowledge of professionals working or volunteering in higher educational settings on the use of restorative practice
  • Induct into the restorative justice theory and provide a critical overview of existing definitions
  • Enable higher education staff and volunteers to implement restorative justice in interpersonal conflict situations and disputes (e.g. between staff – students, staff – staff, university – staff, university – students)
  • Empower university staff and HR to prevent student misconduct, disputes and vandalism and/ or deal with them restoratively when they occur in campuses and other university premises
  • Enable human resources to deal with issues in a restorative justice way
  • Enable HR and Academic management to design and implement policies for preventing and dealing with conflicts, disputes and misconduct in a restorative justice way and without the need for litigation 
  • Practice the learning through case study workshops and test the overall knowledge, skills and experience through a CPD accredited exam.

What you require

No need to prepare anything in advance. Once the course is arranged we will send a reading list and all material needed. 


  • University staff
  • Academics of all levels (junior lecturers, lecturers, professors etc)
  • HR staff
  • University students
  • University personnel
  • Anyone working in higher education settings including colleges
  • Policy makers and researchers with an interest in restorative justice in higher education.
  • Higher education course developers.



Flexible according to your needs, Greater London, SE16

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