Creating A Mindset For Change For Leaders: Fear-Based Thinking

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This is the second video course in the eight-part “Creating a Mindset for Change for Leaders” series. In this second video course, learners will understand how fear-based thinking is creating obstacles to their work and life and after recognizing their fears, what they can do to create positive outcomes. All eight video courses are intended to be taken in sequence with a spaced learning approach.

The idea is to take one part of the eight-part video course each week or every other week, allow for a period of time to pass, and then consider the concept again in a different way by taking the next part. While beginning at the leadership level, the fundamentals taught in these videos are meant to spread throughout your organization - leaders take the program and then disseminate it to their team members, all with the intent of creating a culture of embracing change within the organization.

What you will learn

  • Shows you how fear based thinking is getting in the way of change
  • Teaches you how to rewire your brain toward positive outcomes
  • Enables you to create thoughts, actions, and behaviours that align with the outcomes you want
  • Provides the necessary tools you’ll need to act on your strategic priorities

What you require

The perfect thing about this course is that no prior experience or knowledge is required. The only thing you will need is willing to learn