Door Supervision, Security Guarding with IT and Data Protection

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Free Door Supervision, Security Guarding with Level 2 IT and Data Protection

For anyone aged 19 and older - terms and conditions apply

  • Should be unemployed (receiving JSA, ESA or Universal Credit)
  • If employed, may be eligible if earning less than ££16,009.50 or 20,572.50 if living in a GLA post code

What you will learn

Door Supervision: This is the qualification you need to apply for an SIA license to work in Door Supervision and Security Guarding positions throughout the UK. You will learn physical skills and techniques that may be required by security staff whilst carrying out their duties. This includes a complete knowledge of the law and current legal liabilities.

Level 2 IT: Learn about computer Databases, Excel Spreadsheets 

Data Protection: To ensure individuals comply with the essential principles of the UK's Data Protection Act 


What you require

To undertake our English and math assessment

Full commitment to successfully complete training

Contact: 020 7613 7583

Contact: [email protected]  08000 24 24 43




New City College, Hackney Campus, Falkirk Street , Greater London, N1 6HQ

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