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The Eclat Fellowship is a CEO development programme developed by CEO Hacks Non-profit Leaders and Changemakers, a project driven by the Centre for Social Change.

The programme has been developed to provide 120 hours of Executive Learning, 104 hours of group coaching, and a series of live webinars to support charity CEO's with a toolkit of knowledge, expertise and experiential learning to help them develop all aspects of their career. Covering charity governance, leadership, management, finance, leadership, managing people and fundraising, policy work and organisational development and growth, the course is led by 3 lecturers who have led courses in prestigious universities on social enterprise, civil society management and leadership, and 12 further 'practice' tutors and coaches, our team have extraordinary field experience of developing charities to become outstanding performers, as well as supporting chief executives to develop skills holistically. The programme is more than just a course, those embarking upon it have the chance to become Eclat Fellows, by engaging in the transformational coaching that will enable them to exceed all of their past performances.

The course is an online course and especially for charity CEO's who do not feel confident in all elements of their roles, and geared towards charities that have a turnover of less than £1m.

Unlike many courses, our course has a strong emphasis on anti-discriminatory practice, anti-oppressive practice and equity in leadership. Our goals are to enable charity leaders to access leadership courses usually costing £8000 upwards at a fraction of that price to make it deeply accessible.

What you will learn

Module 1 | Positive Leadership: The Critical Roles of the Leader as a Guide Through Challenging Times

Module outcomes:

1. You will understand how investing in personal leadership development is critical to the current climate.

2. You will have assessed own leadership strength and weaknesses.

3. You will understand that leadership is not about gaining perfection, it is about building a the team around you to achieve the organisations goals.

Module 2 | Building your emotional resilience and emotional intelligence, understanding how you can optimise your personal performance

Module outcomes;

1. You will understand how your own emotional health can influence and cloud decision making. 

2. You will understand that your well being is integral to your leadership journey.

3. You will gain the tools for optimising and considering how you can develop well being plans and goals that sit alongside your organisational goals.

Module 3 | Developing a Fundraising Strategy, and Introduction to Major donors, Individual Giving and Trusts and Foundations Fundraising

Module outcomes;

1. You will implement a realistic and effective fundraising strategy.

2. You will gain solid understanding of trusts and foundations.

3. You will have basic understanding of other fundraising vehicles. 

4. You will understand how to cultivate your donors experiences to delight them and retain their interest in your charity. 

Module 4 | Financial Management for Charity CEO's - The Core Principles

Module outcome;

1. You will understand how to manage charities accounts effectively. 

2. You will be able to manage the charities account efficiently. 

3. You will understand the terminology accountants use and what you are required to monitor to make account audits easier. 

Module 5 | Developing New Futures and Re-imagining your Charity's Vision, Mission and Values: Resetting Organisational Values to Achieve Long Term Goals.

Module Outcomes; 

1. You will have extended your vision setting.

2.  You will have reviewed your mission to your new vision. 

3. You will understand the importance of organisational values in influencing culture. 

4. You will be able to implement  organisational culture change to tackle unwanted behaviours in your organisation. 

Module 6 | Transformational Leadership: Inspire Others to Join You in Your Vision and Mission, Courageous Conversations, and How to Start a Movement.

Module outcomes;

1. You will learn how to tackle adversaries and naysayers.

2. You will be able to enrol others in your mission and feel confident in doing so. 

Module 7 | Governance: The Science and Magic of Good Governance and How to Maximise Your Board's Output and Delivery

Module Outcomes;

1. You will understand that governance is a powerful engine to speed up progress in your charity. 

2. You will be able to develop the role of critical friendship in trustees and learn how to receive feedback. 

3. You will understand how to manage troubled waters in trusteeship. 

4. You will be able to maximise the value of the Chair/CEO relationship and be able to recruit the right board.

Module 8 | Monitoring and Impact Evaluation: Measure What Counts, Developing and Implementing Incredible Ways of Measuring Impact to Inspire Your Donors

Module outcomes;

1. You will know what is essential to measure. 

2. You will be able to add social value in your communications.  

3. You will know how to communicate your impact story.

Module 9 | Measuring the Health of Your Organisation

Module outcomes; 

1. You will understand how to assess and improve the health of your organisation. 

2. You be able to determine key priorities for your organisations development and implement actions. 

Module 10 | Volunteering Management- An Introduction to Maximising Your Workforce Through Volunteering

Module outcomes;

1. You will be able to develop meaningful roles for  volunteering within your organisation. 

2. You will be able to develop an effective volunteering strategy. 

3. Introduction to managing volunteers, recruitment and retention. 

4. You will know ways to celebrate the work of volunteers in your organisation which will increase retention. 

Module 11 | Business Planning and Key Performance matrix

Module outcomes;

1. You will know how to use a business model canvas. 

2. You will understand the theory of change- what is it and how can it play a role in business development?

3. You will be able to develop key performance matrix using key performance assessment tools.


Module 12 | Managing People

Course modules; 

1. You will be able to develop systems of appraisals and supervision for staff

2. You will be able to manage difficult people. 

3. You will understand how to put together and implement workplace policy and procedure- grievance and complaints. 

4. You will be able to manage key areas of staff performance and tackling poor performers.

5. You will be able to assemble skills based teams and develop their strengths

What you require

To join this course you will need:

  • To be either a charity CEO, Deputy CEO or looking to embark upon a CEO job role as your next job position.
  • To be leading, or in the leadership team of a charity with less than a £1m turnover charity
  • A commitment to fostering anti-discriminatory practice
  • A commitment to social change and personal growth



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