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In everyday life there is work, duties, learning. During the week, day after day, the same is the pursuit of life. Non stop is something to do and you don't always like to do it.

When the coveted time off from everyday boring duties comes, then you are yourself. And when at that time you have an invitation to a party or you just go to stress from the club, you enjoy as a child. 

Time for fun, meeting with friends, dances, carousels, playfulness. Who doesn't like this? 

Sometimes playing time is the most beautiful periods and moments of life. Freedom, freedom, fun and a young girl. 

When the coveted time of fun comes, you want to look, feel and have special fun. 

You've probably been to many parties and had a great time. You've also had worse events in your life. At which time went on like a tripe with oil, nobody had fun and you were not happy with this party either. 

However, after a successful party for you. You have something to remember, tell your friends and family how great it was. Everyone in excellent moods had fun, danced, jumped and sang to the very end. There was power, energy and commitment. 

Have you ever wondered what it means that there are cool and worse parties? No, not on the amount of alcohol consumed :) It depends on the person who runs the event or the DJ. 

Every weekend, clubs are held around the world. Wherever an event takes place, music is needed. 

A good DJ will make everyone dance 

You were at the party and everyone unanimously stated that it was boring, the party was weak. Why is this happening? It all depends on the DJ running the party. 

Like a game, what he says through the microphone, in what rhythm he leads the party, what charisma and enthusiasm he has when playing. 

You can say that you have to have a knack for it and you have to be born for it. I will tell you no. This can be learned as everything else in life. Your willingness and commitment are enough. 

Do you want to become a DJ? Do you dream of being a music presenter? 

If you watch a DJ at the party with wonder and admiration, you probably wonder. What does he turn up there, has so many knobs, tinsel, buttons, what does it consist of? 

You think what an outstanding person you have to be to get over it. Where can you learn this? What is all this about? 

In addition, the DJ is always the busiest at every party. People are drawn to him in crowds. They line up to order greetings, dedications, and a song. In some ways, you envy him that he is in demand at a party. 

After each good performance, the DJ is invited to performances, sometimes in other places. He travels around various places, meets new interesting people. You think this is a great job and you would like to do it. 

DJ is a profession that, like any other, has its own laws and principles 

For this you will need knowledge. Mixing, working with a microphone, operating equipment, running the event from beginning to end. You can learn that. 

I've served hundreds of events in my life. Disco, club, outdoor, occasional there was a lot of it. Each different, each learned something different, acquired new experience, developed skills. 

I came to the conclusion that if I could learn all this from scratch, anyone who wants to can. If you want to become a DJ, you can run parties too. 

The matter of knowing all the issues and secrets that occur in this profession. 

Many people asked me during performances what DJ does behind the console, how to operate the whole command center of the event. That is why I decided to share this knowledge because it is useful. 

Everything was recorded with a cam with a comprehensive explanation and commentary on how to do it step by step. Then I put it together and it turned into a super dose of practical knowledge in a condensed form. 

What will you learn from the video ?: 

  • Construction of a musical piece. 
  • How to mix live music. 
  • How to mix disco polo and Dance songs. 
  • How to mix club songs. 
  • How to mix old hits. 
  • How to mix RnB songs. 
  • How to set up the microphone correctly. 
  • How to set the echo effect (so-called reverb) for a microphone. 
  • What to speak through the microphone during the party. 
  • How to get started with every party. 
  • DJ rights and obligations. 
  • The right deal with a comprehensive overview that will secure you as a DJ.
  • What equipment to buy (trouble-free and trouble-free) so as not to regret it.

After this course, you will be able to independently lead every musical event regardless of the place and its circumstances whether it will be a club, disco, bar, pub, wedding hall, festival, whether it will be a prom, wedding, jubilee (type 18, 30, 50 etc.) ), Andrew's, New Year's Eve, harvest festival. You will get any party going anytime, anywhere.


If you decide to buy a video course today, you'll also get access to video broadcasts from the carnival event. 

In this video broadcast you will learn: 

  • How to get the audience going. 
  • What to do to make them dance the whole party. 
  • How to fill the dance floor. 
  • How to warm up the audience to red so that after the party they will applaud you and you will not run away from the next orders. 

The course was created by:

Dj Michał (Mike) for over 10 years behind the console. He played in most places in the Lubuskie Province. He has been associated with music since birth. It presents broadly understood entertainment music that will excite everyone to dance. In his sets he smuggles music pearls that have been gaining dance floors for years. His motto: DJ is for people.

Who is this course for ?:

  • For beginners who can do nothing and know nothing about this topic
  • For people who want to become a DJ or Wodzirej
  • For DJs who play in clubs and want to start conducting special events (birthdays, banquets, wedding receptions, anniversaries)
  • For people who know something in this topic but don't know how to start
  • For DJs who play at home and have no orders but want to have them
  • For DJs who have some jobs and want to rise to the next level
  • For people who want to train in running events
  • For people who want to improve their mixing technique
  • For people who are not afraid and want to grow
  • For people who want to become a professional DJ or master

What you will learn

After the course you will be able to lead and kick off any party anytime, anywhere

What you require

  • Good hearing
  • Listening comprehension
  • Willingness to learn