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For many years, it’s been getting steadily more difficult for charities and social enterprises to fund their ambitious work through grant funding and donations alone. And this is unlikely to get any easier, with funders feeling the pinch after an extended period of emergency funding, and the long-term financial impact of the pandemic and Brexit.

Many organisations are sitting on greater potential to generate income than they realise, by virtue of their expertise, lived experience and connections. However, they may be put off by various barriers including lack of confidence, difficulty persuading their Board to invest and manage risk, or simply not knowing where to start.

This course is for CEOs, Directors, Trustees and other senior leaders who want to increase their confidence around trading and develop a trading model that complements and supports their organisation’s charitable, social, and environmental objectives.

What you will learn

  • Assess and map out your organisation’s skills and trading potential
  • Generate and evaluate trading ideas
  • Ensure your trading ideas are compatible with your organisation’s values and objectives
  • Secure the support of your team and your Board
  • Navigate tricky conversations about risk and investment
  • Identify and overcome barriers to trading
  • Make an action plan for what you need to do next
  • Find further inspiration and support (e.g. to answer any financial and legal questions)

What you require

This course will be delivered online for the foreseeable future, due to social distancing restrictions. We have divided it into two sessions taking place on the same day, with time for questions throughout:

Morning session: 10am-12pm

Afternoon session: 3pm-5pm

We will be setting you some exercises to do independently between these two sessions. To get the most from the course, and capitalise on the opportunity to get individual feedback from the trainers, we recommend that you set aside this time to complete the exercises.