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In this tutorial learn to use iMovie to import and edit your videos! iMovie is available for free with every Mac and once you understand how it works it can produce some awesome results! This tutorial covers the entire editing and post-production process, including importing video, marking clips, adding transitions, applying speed changes, adding overlays, creating trailers, and sharing your finished projects to a variety of locations.

What you will learn

What will you learn

  • Basic iMovie Workflow
  • iMovie Libraries
  • Import to an Event
  • View & Mark Clips
  • Project Settings
  • Themes
  • Trim, Split & Move Clips
  • Replace or Insert Clips
  • Working with Photos
  • Transitions
  • Titles
  • Maps & Backgrounds
  • Background Music & Sound Clips
  • Detach Audio
  • Color Balance
  • Color Correction
  • Crop & Rotate
  • Stabilize Shaky Video
  • Background Noise & Equalizer
  • Adjust Clip Speed
  • Instant Replay & Rewind
  • Freeze Frame
  • Filters & Effects
  • Video Overlays
  • Copy & Paste Adjustments
  • Precision Editor
  • Voiceover for Narration
  • Trailers
  • Share a Clip or Movie
  • iMovie Theater

What you require

Basic knowledge

  • Basic computer skills and some experience using a Mac computer