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About this Course

The course, WINNING TEACHING MANTRAS occupies excellence via sharing strategies towards excellence and manipulates learning to learn as a hobby for teachers to deliver wow moments within classrooms in particular. It is a course designed for teachers who need to work on their learning and teaching habits to generate a proper learning climate during the teaching process with engagement of kids and treating them to their taste of learning via the way they desire and love. The children like the subject only when they like the teacher and hence the course laminates the liking for the teachers in hand with the subject in totality.

Who is the target audience?

  • Any individual who is keen in taking TEACHING as a hobby or a career

Basic knowledge

  • A flair for teaching and manipulating learning as a WOW moment for others

What you will learn

  • Confidence in managing new age classrooms effectively and bringing a WOW learning scenario within schools

To join this free course: https://www.simpliv.com/teachertraining/learn-winning-teaching-mantras