Legal action and strategy workshops to address racial injustice

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EQUAL, a national independent advisory group tackling racial inequality in the criminal justice system, are delighted to be partnering with civil liberties organisation, Liberty HQ, to deliver a series of free expert-led Legal Action workshops.*

Across 4-days, organisations working with BAME, Muslim and Gypsy, Roma & Traveller communities affected by issues in the Criminal Justice System will be equipped with the legal tools needed to achieve systemic change. You will learn how to tackle racial injustice and grow your influence in the area strategically and colloboratively. 

Featuring insights from experts in race and the UK's criminal justice system:

  • Maslaha
  • Criminal Justice Alliance
  • Liberty
  • BTEG and EQUAL

*(BTEG provides administrative support for EQUAL)

What you will learn

The workshops are designed to support BAME, Muslim and GRT focused grassroots organisations to have the confidence, legal tools, and networks to challenge racial inequality across the criminal justice system (CJS).

Areas covered include: 

  • Race and the CJS
  • What legal tools are available and how to use them
  • Case study reviews
  • Strategic leadership and presenting with confidence
  • Mapping issues across the CJS
  • Specific issues/social change
  • Stakeholder analysis/management

At the end of the workshops, you will be invited to form part of a working group to carry forward a piece of strategic litigation to advance racial equality in the UK's criminal justice system.

What you require

Criteria for eligibility:

  • Be a small civil society organisation, working specifically with BAME, GRT and Muslim communities.
  • Be running projects, frontline engagement and/or policy work to support BAME, GRT and Muslim people affected by the inequalities of the Criminal Justice System.
  • Have an annual income of less than £500k

All you'll need is a laptop/computer, a good internet connection and willingness to work together.

Book below or email [email protected] stating how you meet the above criteria and your contact details to apply.