Lived Experience Speaker

Personal development, Mental Health

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This programme welcomes anyone who has had an impactful life experience and would like to know how to share their story effectively, whether to inspire an audience such as a network or community, signpost to support services or provide comfort to others.

There is an observational component within the training where you will be invited to share some of your story for peer and mentor feedback.

The Lived Experience Speaker programme is centred around empowerment, confidence, competence and safety. Widening the impact within the communities you are a part of

What you will learn

Our personalised training programme covers the moral, practical and legal elements of sharing personal stories and experiences as well as the science behind presentation, communication and engagement skills. We highlight the importance of boundary setting, self-care and support services within this environment

Upon successful completion, you will be licenced as a Lived Experienced Accredited Facilitator by the Association for Accredited Learning. This is licenced for three years, at which time we will invite you back for a refresher course to renew your licence. 

What you require

You must have previous experience of sharing your lived experience story in a group setting. You will attend three remote half day training sessions and a graduation ceremony.

You will receive an accompanying Study Guide.

The sessions are delivered by an enthusiastic trainer who has their own lived experience and a wealth of expertise within the field of wellbeing.

To achieve your Lived Experience Speaker licence, you must complete the following after your attendance at the training sessions:

● a short workbook with questions based on the course content

● written reflection

● evidenced delivery of sharing your story for peer, mentor and/or sponsor feedback