Memorable and Trustworthy Writing

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Good writing needs to be accurate and picturesque.

The grantmaking process usually involves someone condensing your extensive proposal into a short summary for a committee.  You need to equip your reader to write on your behalf.  So, you need to make sure that your most important point is retained.  We’ll explore the world of abstract art to show how dissonance (rule breaking) is a powerful tool for recall.  You also need to be a trustworthy narrator, and we’ll share the techniques within Homer’s Odyssey to equip you to present your information with accuracy.

What you will learn

  • Ability to identify the key point you want to emphasize and use a ‘dissonant’ technique to ensure that it is memorable.
  • Ability to insert appropriate detail into proposals, in order to convince readers of the accuracy of your writing.

What you require

A curious mind.