Mental Health Awareness - CPD accredited.

Mental Health, Social Care/Development


People often equate the words mental health with mental illness and there are many definitions of what mental health actually is. Mental health issues can happen to anyone despite social background, intelligence, gender or other factors.

The Mental Health Awareness Online Training Cours is accredited by the CPD certification service. Your certificate is available as soon as you completed the course.

Note: This is a video course with a high-quality combination of up to date content, animation and presentation which contributes to a better retention of knowledge, whilst keep you interested and engaged. Please keep this in mind when you compare with other online courses in the market.  

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What you will learn

This course explains the difference between mental health and mental illness. It covers the symptoms of a number of the most common mental illnesses so you will know what to look out for, or what to expect if you are working with someone with one of these conditions. Also providing some practical advice on how you can work effectively with those affected by these conditions