Mobile Data Collection and Data Management using CommCare

Training, Project Management

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About the course

CommCare is an open source cloud-based, mobile and web platform for non-programmers that lets you make apps that you can deploy on android devices as well as in the cloud and other cell phone devices.Data collection is a vital part of any developmental work. In previous year’s data collection used to be done on paper and pen which was prone to a lot of errors and difficult to conduct on large scale. However the current ICT tools now allows us to create surveys, collect, manage and upload data to storage facilities in real time. This training will equip the participants with skills to author, field and manage data collection using CommCare.

Target Participants

This training will equip the participants with skills to author, field and manage mobile data collection platform using EpiCollect.

Course duration

5 Days

What you will learn

By the end of this training the participants will learn to:

  1. Convert paper forms/questionnaires into digital forms that can be use for mobile data collection and case management
  2. Build basic mobile application, install and use on phone.
  3. View, manage and export Data within CommCare
  4. Mapping and visualization of CommCare data

Course Outline

Module I: Introduction to CommCare and Benefits

  •           Introduction and Key Concepts
  •          Methodologies
  •          Advantages
  •         Disadavantages
  •         Setting up your CommcareHQ
  •         Navigating through ComCareHQ
  •         Case study
  •         Best practices

Module II: Building a basic application

  •      System design
  •        Setting Up Your Project Space
  •         Building your application
  •         Designing forms using the form builder
  •         Adding form logic
  •        Creating a follow up form

Module III: Refining Your Application for Case Management

  •          Setting up cases
  •          Loading case data
  •          Update EDD
  •          Testing your application
  •          Closing cases

Module IV: Publishing and Installing Your Application & More

  •          Managing Mobile Workers and Web Users
  •          Managing Captured Data
  •          Installing an Application on Android
  •          Setting Up Multimedia in the Application
  •          Common Logic and Calculations Additional
  •          Information on Managing Cases

Module V

  • Presentation and review of participants course projects with the instructors.
  •  Action plan
  •  Closure.