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About this Course

I have made a modern e-commerce store for those students who want to learn to make any kind of e-commerce store by purely using PHP and MySQL functions with the assistance of bootstrap framework to make it complete responsive and dynamic.Often people use bootstrap for this purpose and the good thing of the usage of bootstrap kinds of the framework is that students can easily make any kind of theme responsive without indulging themselves in any complicated issues. Therefore I have made this e-commerce store to make the students fully expert in all the essential PHP & MySQL functions and bootstrap framework.So I am very hopeful that after joining this course and learning it, you will get a good control over making any kind of advance level responsive plus dynamic e-commerce website with all its complete functionalities with the assistance of bootstrap, PHP & MySQL. I have focused to make the students fully experts in the usage of all the essential PHP & MySQL functions and bootstrap, so you could learn their usage very well.

Basic knowledge

  • Students should have the basic knowledge of HTML,CSS and Bootstrap
  • Students need to have a code editor ,xampp software and a browser for starting this course

What you will learn

  • Students will be able to learn all the essential functions of php & mysqli and their proper usage.
  • Students will come to know how to make price,products and types filters.
  • Students will learn to make the coupon code for products and bundles.
  • Students will learn how to make bundles for products.
  • Students will be able to set the sale and original both of prices for products and bundles.

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