Online Disability Rights and Advocacy Training Course!

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Learn new skills without leaving your home! This is entirely remote learning conducted over Zoom.

We can help you find fulfilling and meaningful work regardless of your age and experience! 

Learn about Disability Rights, History, Benefits, and Law as well as Confidence Building and Employment Skills.   

There are many barriers Disabled People face when trying to live independently. This course will help you to identify, challenge and overcome these barriers. Whether your a disabled person or have an interest in disability, this course will give you a new perspective and essential skills and knowledge. 

Free Disability Advocacy and Employment Training Course, accredited at Levels 1-4 at 20 credits. Graduates recieve an accredited certificate and an academic job reference. 

Choice in Hackney has been delivering it's training course for over ten years to over 300 trainees. We are proud to offer this course completely online. 

"It was at a much higher level than I expected and, despite being entirely on Zoom, was rich in content, discussions, guests, quizzes, with a final test and project at the end. Highly recommended!!"

"I did one of the courses run my Choice. It was an amazing expirience which gave me a lot of confidence, the ability to help others and new job propsects."

What you will learn

You'll learn about the history of attitudes towards disabled people, services and benefits available to disabled people (including PIP, Universal Credit and Access to Work), legislation concerning disabled people and disability rights. You'll be taught important confidence building techniques and job search skills that will help you realise your career goals by finding and retaining meaningful employment. 


You'll also be supported to attend a work placement that will develop your skills further, and you'll gain access to our job coaching service as well as the disability newsletter we release monthly. 

What you require

You will need to be able to access zoom to attend our sessions. The sessions shall be held every Thursday for 13 weeks from 10.30 to 16.00. You'll need to able to access the zoom call from a quiet environment to fully participate.