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Finance, International Development

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The Finance for Non-finance Managers course is a 4-week online programme designed for managers and other staff who need to use financial skills in their work, but are not trained accountants. They may be working internationally in NGOs, government, UN agencies or private sector.

This course starts with the basics and gradually gives a thorough working knowledge of financial management, including ways of presenting funding proposals to maximise income. We use a mixture of approaches including weekly facilitator input, pair discussions, group work and individual activities. These provide you with the practical skills not only to know how the numbers are calculated, but also how to use finance information and systems in decision-making.

You will learn to use the techniques in your own organisation and with partners, and so see better decision-making and programme impact. The training includes a range of materials to use in your organisation’s activities, including the book Building Financial Management Capacity for NGOs and Community Organisations, written by one of the trainers.

What you will learn

In the practical participatory sessions, you learn how to:

  • apply financial management within different settings using interactive case studies and examples.
  • plan and monitor budgets, using financial information to make good decisions
  • assess and set up robust financial systems
  • manage the expectations of donors for project funding and financial reporting
  • build the financial capacity of your own and partner organisations.

What you require

A laptop, and good internet connection