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International Development, Advocacy

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A new course for those keen to learn the basics of our Participatory Video combined with the Most Significant Change technique (PVMSC). Over the past 9 years of developing our PVMSC process, InsightShare have seen that it can create an invaluable space for organisations to learn through reflection and reshaping of programmes in line with participants’ values. Now we invite you to learn how to design a PVMSC process in this intensive and highly practical training. As a trainee you will experience, explore and practise elements from the toolkit. The course is designed around principles of experiential learning: using a wide range of techniques that enhance creativity, sharing, reflection and learning. You will learn how to assess when PVMSC is appropriate as well as to design as PVMCS process as part of a wider M&E strategy. The course also includes advice on how to capitalise on a process that can simultaneously be an M&E activity, a programmatic intervention and an advocacy exercise.

Course Price

£800 including: 
– Buffet working lunch 
– Online follow-up session on project design and management 

Don’t miss out on our Special Offers:

  • Book with a friend or colleague and receive a 15% discount off both bookings.
  • Charity Rates: £1750 for 1 person to attend both the Participatory Video Facilitation course and the Participatory Video and Most Significant Change course if they are from an eligible non-profit.

Who is it for?

  • People working in the fields of monitoring, evaluation, learning and impact evaluation
  • In particular people responsible for the design, management and delivery* of these processes

* For those interested in facilitating a PVMSC process, we recommend that you sign-up for our 6-day ‘Participatory Video Facilitation’ course as well.

For More Information

For more information about the course or our work: 
Email: [email protected]

What you will learn

  • Knowledge and skills necessary to design PVMSC processes
  • Awareness of the underlying principles of PVMSC and its use in different contexts
  • Understanding of informed consent processes and the ethical considerations relating to all aspects of video production and post‐production
  • Insights into the main challenges of PVMSC processes



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