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Learn all aspects of preparation (planning). How to set accurate targets, how to plan your stewardship of key donors and how to plan for your fundraising territory. This training is ideal for managers of high value fundraising operations, from Foundations, to corporates to major donors, and for fundraisers who have to manage complex portfolios of donors. There are 4 x 90 minute live online workshops. Comprehensive course notes and recordings are provided.

What you will learn

Pod 1: Target Setting Formulas

  • Understanding the five different objectives for donor targeting.

  • Ability to set targets based upon robust, evidence-based formulas.

Pod 2: Developing a Prospect Pipeline

  • Understanding of the four stages in establishing a relationship.

  • Ability to use a range of techniques across these four stages.

  • Ability to construct a tracking system for high value donors.

Pod 3: Donor Development Plans

  • Understanding of a standard format for donor development plans.

  • Ability to develop plans for key donors.

Pod 4: Setting KPIs and Tracking Progress

  • Understanding of the lead indicators of fundraising success.

  • Ability to convert lead indicators into KPIs for your fundraising.

  • Ability to select the appropriate monitoring options for your plan.

What you require

A curious mind.