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  • This facilitated learning group will help you to focus on that important bit of work; making sure you have all of the correct policies and procedures in place and that they are up-to-date. Over six monthly sessions, with "homework" in between, we will help you cut this big job down to size! With practical help, templates and tools and peer support we will help you to build confidence in this important area.
  • This course is suitable for anyone involved in updating policies - or who wants to gain the skills and knowledge that underpin the work - you can buddy with someone and help them write their policies.
  • The tutor, Caro Hart has been responsible for policy development in various senior managmenr roles and is familiar with the ins and outs of the subjects.
  • Note: It will be possible to join in with the courses up until the session oin December. Late-comers will be given a 1:1 session to catch up.

What you will learn

All sessions will start at 09:30 and last around 90 minutes. We hope that outside the sessions, participants will be able to stay in contact and support each other with the process.

The programme will be roughly as follows, although it will be responsive to the particular needs of the group participants:


12th October 2023 Taking a Risk-based approach

You will be asked to bring your organisational risk assessment  (also known as a risk register) or similar, to the first session, if you have one.

The session will include:

  • Introductions and course guidelines
  • Why start with risk?
  • Exercise: What are the major risks for your organisation?
  • Optionally: Presentation; Doing a Risk Assessment
  • Major areas to consider - what issues always present risk? How policies and procedures manage risk
  • Talk: How to write policies - what should be included. Proportionality for organisations.
  • Homework: Understanding the Mandatory Policies -(you will receive a voucher so that this is free.

Please note, if your Board or Committee doesn't have a risk assessment and you would like to do this piece of work before starting this course, DCA can facilitate a session to support you to create one. Please contact [email protected],uk


9th November 2023 The Big Five

We will look in detail at four key policies (financial is next month) and associated sub-policies

  • Health & Safety, plus lone working
  • Safeguarding, plus Safe Recruitment
  • GDPR, plus Use of ICT
  • Equalities Diversity & Inclusion plus Harrassment

NOTE: Templates will be provided for the main policies and procedures covered.


14th December 2023 Financial policies

We will look at the financial policies and procedures you need to have in place (and the template Financial Procedures Handbook). 

Group work: managing financial risks

Presentation: Ensuring your financial systems are effective

11th January 2024 People policies

We will look at volunteer policies and those needed for staff (the depth will depend on whether the participating organisations have staff or volunteers)  This includes:

  • Basic procedures, claiming expenses, leave etc
  • Grievance & disciplinary
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Recruitment, induction and exit
  • Training & development


8th February 2024Trustees & governance policies

We will cover the policies and procedures mandated by the charity commission for Trustees. (While they are not mandatory for non-charities, the policies and procedures are generalisable and constitute good practice.) This will include:

  • Codes of conduct
  • Conflict of interest
  • Sub-committees and working parties
  • Grievance & disciplinary


14th March 2024 Summary and last bits

This session will review the work we have done and ensure that each participant has a clear way forward for any remaining work.

Presentation: Keeping your policies updated


NOTE: where a presentation from the DCA Academy is used as part of a session, you will be given a code to watch the pre-recorded version free after  the session for a limited time.

What you require

If you have existing policies, it would be useful to bring those (and get permission to share them if necessary).