Resolving conflicts and addressing group violence youth ecourse

Crime, Human Rights


This e-course aims to train young people, students and non professionals on the the values and practices of restorative justice and human rights in order to increase their awareness on the risks associated with gangs and violent radicalization. This course also works as a guide on how to become a peer mediator and give you an insight into other restorative practices.

This course can be particularly useful as an online tool to be used by students in primary and secondary education in the UK but it has been designed for any person who wants to know more about the topic.

The e-course has been funded by Southwark Council as part of the Positive Futures programme

You can pause the course as many times as you need and you can complete it in your own time so you can learn all you want wherever and whenever you want.

Target Groups

  • High School Students
  • Young people
  • Primary School Students
  • Parents especially with children who are risk of being groomed into gangs and violence
  • Non-professionals who want to be informed on the topic of restorative justice and youth radicalisation

What you will learn

Learning Objectives

  • Introduce you to the restorative justice theory and practice
  • Increase your skills and knowledge on what is violent youth radicalisation and group violence such as gangs while explaining causes, risks, how to get away from it and who to contact.
  • Learn how to become a peer mediator
  • Increasing awareness of the risks and harm associated with gangs and violent radicalisation
  • Build your resilience and knowledge and ultimately help you to prevent youth violent radicalisation and group violence.