Results-Based Management


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Why choose this course:

This course is relevant for professionals responsible for developing RBM in their organisation or in large complex programmes. Strategic planners, heads of M&E and senior programme managers will find it particularly valuable. It is especially productive if two or more people take part from the same organisation. Awareness of M&E concepts is useful.

Day 1

Understand Results-Based Management (RBM)

  • the principles of results-based management
  • RBM's essential structures and processes
  • results cultures
  • diagnosis of the strengths, weaknesses and gaps in participants' organisations

Day 2

Prepare the ground for RBM development

  • the RBM strategy
  • key stakeholders for RBM
  • the organisation's logic modelS
  • the strategic results framework including key indicators

Day 3

Evaluation with RBM

  • the risk register
  • risk management plan
  • evaluation with RBM
  • the strategic monitoring and evaluation plan

Day 4

Implementing RBM

  • dealing with data
  • reporting
  • fostering a learning culture
  • managing change with RBM

Day 5

Presentations: RBM strategy

  • participants' strategies
  • collective review and feedback

What you will learn

The workshop focuses on the needs of participants' own organisations. IMA's model of RBM, developed and refined through years of practitioner experience and applied research, is used to examine the components parts of RBM including:

  • logic models and strategic results framework
  • integrated monitoring and evaluation
  • the use of evidence from monitoring and evaluation in decision-making
  • meaningful reporting to key stakeholders.

  • The connections between the parts are mapped, and key features of a results culture identified, to show how the system should work as a unified whole. Key success factors are explored. Participants then use the model to identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps in their own RBM systems and cultures; and with hands-on facilitation from IMA experts, develop a strategy to address their priorities.



Brighton, South East, BN1 2PP

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