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An accessible, interactive trustee eLearning course lets you study in your own time and at a pace and can fit around your schedule and priorities. Trustees play an important role in making sure charities are well managed and can achieve their aims. Understanding your duties as a trustee will help you run your charity effectively, keep to the law and make a bigger difference.

What you will learn

This course will equip you with the basics of being a trustee. It offers an overview and understanding of the roles and main duties of trustees and can fit around your schedule and priorities. 

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • identify what charity status, liability and legal form means
  • describe your role and main duties as a trustee
  • review the six main duties set out in the Charity Commission’s The Essential Trustee
  • confidently apply your trustee duties in real life 
  • consider common difficulties faced by trustees