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SAP Crystal Reports:Master-Detail,Cross-Tab,Sub-Reports

Design Business Intelligence Reports and drill down data.


Crystal Reports is owned by SAP. But it can be used to generate reports 

for any kind of database and Enterprise Resource Planning.

This course is intended for all of those developers, programmers and 

system analysts that provides information and Business Intelligence for

the strategic Management.

Master Detail reports to represent the clients and products sold to

each one. Cross tab are for Business Intelligence. Drill down data

from general information to specific data can be done by Sub-Reports.

What you will learn

What you will learn

  • You will learn by doing with videos how to design business Crystal  
  • Reports applying with any source of data. The course includes a 
  • Microsoft Access for practice, but the same principle can be applied 
  • To any database like Microsoft Sql Server,Mysql or Oracle

What you require

Basic knowledge

  • Basic understanding of relational database
  • Understanding of the Tables Schema of the database to get the data
  • Basic knowledge of SQL query language