Setting Research Aims

Fundraising, Training

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Decide what you need to know and how it will help you raise more money.

We’ll share a 12-question research template that will equip you to build up a complete picture of your funders and prospects. You’ll be able to gather information on their financial circumstances, the patterns in their philanthropy; their grant selection processes and the characters of the decision makers.

You’ll come away with a comprehensive template that you can use for all of your funders.

Presenters: Bill Bruty and Lee Lloyd

What you will learn

  • Understanding the 12 key research questions.

  • Ability to convert research into action.

  • Ability to devise a record keeping system which is compliant with data protection legislation.

Live Online Workshop Times and Dates:

11.00-12.30 7th September 2022

What you require

A curious mind.