Social Prescribing courses

Advice, Information, Advocacy


The social prescribing courses are for those interested in working with people on a one to one basis to help them identify solutions to their holistic needs, jointly co-producing an action plan and enabling access to the solutions.

How the social prescribing courses can help you:

  • Increase your knowledge and confidence: understand the role

  • Be empowered: reduce risk and increase success in the role; learn tools and effective ways of working

  • Be equipped: gain 'day to day' life skills

  • Excel in the role or begin a journey in a rewarding career path of link working

Not just access to courses but this:

  • Access to exclusive members resources library

  • Access to all online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses

  • Access to our national annual social prescribing link worker success conference & materials

  • Access to our regional community of practice events

  • Access to live webinars & Q/A with experts by experience

  • Access to online national community of practice

  • Member spotlight opportunities

  • Monthly member newsletter & updates

What you will learn

Social Prescribing course aims:

  • To increase understanding, knowledge and confidence in the role
  • To empower learners with tools and proven effective ways of working to reduce risk and increase success in the role
  • To equip learners with transferable knowledge & skills to apply to ‘day to day’ living.

What you require

  •  Yourself
  • Access to internet 
  • Remove distractions
  • Pen or pencil and notebook