Supporting People with Health Conditions Into Work: IPS

Mental Health, Vocational/Services

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Discover the key IPS principles and best practices for employment specialists

Studies have shown that although 90% of people with severe mental illness want to work, only 8% are actually working. Employment specialists who deliver Individual Placement and Support (IPS) work to change this.

On this course, you will learn how IPS is an effective way of supporting those with mental health and other health problems into paid employment and why it’s important. You will explore the role of the employment specialist, and learn the main IPS principles and best practices to help your clients reach their full potential, and feel supported throughout their employment journey.

What you will learn

What topics will you cover?

  • Why employment is so important to mental health.
  • How Individual Placement and Support (IPS) helps clients back to work.
  • What the role of Employment Specialist involves.
  • How Employment Specialists can deliver IPS most effectively, to help clients reach their potential.

What you require

The course is also relevant for clinical teams working with individuals with health conditions, and anyone considering a career supporting people with ill health back into work.