Supporting Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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Did you know?

  • There has been a 19% increase in reports of rape in London in the past year
  • 11 women are raped each week in each London Borough
  • Of those who experience abuse, up to 73% suffer from anxiety, 64% experience post-traumatic stress disorder, and 40% feel suicidal

The extent of sexual harassment and sexual violence has been revealed as a result of the #MeToo movement, and from Hollywood to Westminster survivors have found the courage to speak up against sexual predators and voice their experiences. But what happens to them next? How do they recover and move on from their experiences? And what can you do if you know someone who has been affected?

Developed and delivered by experienced trainers who work on the frontline, supporting survivors from crisis to recovery, our training is for anyone who comes into contact with survivors, be it a client, colleague or friend, to help you build your understanding, knowledge and skills to respond and offer support.

What our participants have said:

"This training day went above and beyond my expectations"
"Patient, clear and responsive facilitators, they explained everything with complete clarity"
"The very practical and immediately applicable content absolutely met my expectations"

What you will learn

  • What sexual violence is and the picture of sexual violence in the UK and London
  • The myths and misconceptions around sexual violence, and how societal messages impact on survivors and the support they receive
  • The impacts of sexual violence and criminal and legal processes
  • Practical strategies for recognising and responding to survivors