The Stewardship Tool Kit

Fundraising, Training

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Learn the essential techniques of successful donor stewardship. This is an intense and powerful training relevant for all fundraisers who have to meet donors, whether they are Foundations, government representatives, corporates or individuals. There are 4 x 90 minute live online workshops. Comprehensive course notes and recordings are provided.

What you will learn

Pod 1: Networking

  • Understanding of the process of networking.

  • Ability to use a range of techniques across the networking process.

Pod 2: Building Rapport

  • Ability to use a three-step process for every conversation with a new contact.

  • Ability to assess and set targets for improved rapport with donors.

Pod 3: Negotiating

  • Ability to use a proven six-step process for managing a face-to-face negotiation.

  • Understand when to use listening skills and when to be persuasive.

  • Ability to work collaboratively as a team to engage donors – to establish your own ‘hit squad’.

Pod 4: Asking for Money

  • Understanding of the five ways to ask for a commitment.

  • Ability to predict which technique to use with which donor.

  • Understanding of your own ‘asking comfort zone’ and how you need to expand your repertoire.

What you require

A curious mind