Understanding the Nine-Ninety Tax Return of a US Foundation

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Every US Foundation has to file a 990 tax return, which can be freely accessed online.  This session will explain the mechanics of these documents. 

Several US Foundations are among the top 20 funders in the UK and they dominate the global funding landscape.  Their accounts are revealing and freely available.  This session will guide you carefully through these complex documents.  As examples, we’ll use well-known funders, such as the Obama and Ford Foundations, as well as lesser-known ones – so you will gain an insight into the full breadth of US Foundations.

Presenter:Bill Bruty

What you will learn

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding of where they make their money and how much they are giving away. 
  • Understanding of how staff lists reveal their priorities.
  • Ability to read their grant lists to reveal their real policies.

What you require

A curious mind.