Understanding traumatic bereavement

Support Worker, Social Work

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Gain an understanding of how the traumatic nature of a death may impact grief and learn how therapeutic opportunities can help with the grieving process.

Learning outcomes

  • gain an understanding of what constitutes a traumatic event and how it impacts upon people
  • gain an understanding of how the traumatic nature of death may impede grief
  • gain an understanding of how therapy and therapeutic opportunities can diminish the traumatic effects, clearing the path for the grieving process
  • recognise the role of the family and other adults around children in assisting them to “process” their traumatic experiences
  • gain information about Child Bereavement UK, other similar support organisations and resources available.


David Trickey – Consultant Clinical Psychologist, The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

David has extensive clinical experience working with children and families, specialising in complex trauma and traumatic bereavement. He has worked as a clinical psychologist in paediatrics and as a lead consultant psychologist at a number of hospitals and trauma centres nationally.

Who should attend?

Suitable for all those whose work involves supporting those traumatically bereaved.

We encourage prospective participants to consider their own experience of loss and how it might affect them during training. Generally speaking, our training is not usually suited to anyone who has suffered a recent, significant personal loss or bereavement.

I had very little knowledge of what constituted a ‘traumatic bereavement’ and how this affects the grief process and how it can link to post traumatic stress disorder. I feel this course has helped me to understand more, particularly the risk factors associated with post traumatic stress disorder.” Children’s Hospice Nurse