What does good look like?

Management, Business Development

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Knowing what "good" or even "excellence" looks like can be a guide when you are developing your organisation. It is crucial for working with certain funders such as local authorities who may require you to demonstrate compliance  to practice standards. 

This course will go through what quality standards are, talk about some of the common sector-specific ones are, and how these can be used. It will build your knpwledge of  these and crucial issues.

What you will learn

Specifically it will cover:

  • What quality assurance is
  • Quality standards – some examples
  • Measuring your organisation against the standards – evidencing what you do
  • Exercise: How do you do?
  • Planning for continuous improvement; aiming for excellence 
  • When quality assurance is particularly important

There is a workbook that accompanies this course.


What you require

This session is suitable for anyone, you do not need prior knowledge of the subject.