$144,400 - $192,500 per year Competitive salary adjusted to candidate´s location. Benefits offered will be based on what is customary or required in the country where the candidate resides.
Permanent, Full-time
Job description

Sexual violence against children and adolescents (SVAC) is one of the largest silent pandemics of our time. It is a problem that festers in homes, online, and in communities in every country on Earth. To end this silent pandemic, the brave movement, a new global networked movement of survivors and allies has been launched.  The aim of the brave movement is to drive advocacy and campaigns as a powerful voice for transformative change. 

Working with the direction of global survivors and allied partners, this new movement demands an end to the pandemic of sexual violence through: (1) advocacy for bold public policy solutions; and (2) campaigns to shift societal norms, eradicate survivor stigma and break the conspiracy of silence that enables sexual violence to continue.   The brave movement is mobilizing survivors and allies that are globally connected, nationally coordinated, and locally grounded.   It has adopted a three-pronged advocacy framework of prevention, healing and justice.

At present, the brave movement has identified a number of specific areas of emphasis, including: building a global movement of survivors of sexual violence in childhood; the end to statue of limitations worldwide; creating a safer on-line environment for children; putting prevention and response to sexual violence against children on the agenda of the G7; and increasing exponentially the funding available for this work.

We are seeking a dynamic, innovative leader with significant advocacy and campaigning experience to help realise the full potential of this game-changing effort for children and adolescents worldwide.  This is a leadership and facilitation role for a strong manager and convener.

The Movement Executive Director will work with and support three key stakeholder and governance groups:

  • Movement Action Team (MAT): This team of movement staff and consultants (a.k.a. Secretariat) will drive the day-to-day work of the global movement.
  • Global Survivors Advocacy Group (SAG): This group includes 15 survivor advocacy leaders from around the world; it defines the vision and priorities for the movement.
  • Global Steering Group (GSG): This group will include representatives from the SAG and also large, global organizations; it is a decision-making body, and it will determine priority campaigns and advocacy efforts.

The Movement Executive Director’s direct supervisor will be the Chairperson of the GSG.  Initial members of the GSG are selected representatives from The Army of Survivors, End Violence Lab at the University of Edinburgh, Girls Not Brides, Together for Girls, We Protect Global Alliance, World Vision International and representatives from the Global Survivors Advocacy Group.

Role Context

The Movement Executive Director will coordinate and oversee the brave movement’s development and expansion, being both a leader and a facilitator of this advocacy movement. This accomplished senior advocate and campaigner will have extensive experience in supporting collaborative international advocacy, movements and campaigns, with diverse groups and stakeholders, across a number of continents.  The brave movement is global in nature and is open to the coordinator to be based in any location.

In August 2021, the brave movement received a funding commitment of over $10 million for its initial 4 years, which is a rare and unique opportunity for a start-up.  Together for Girls is acting as the host organization for the movement from 2021-2025. The movement is looking for other funding partners to expand investments as it establishes and grows its strategy. 

The Executive Director will be a seasoned entrepreneurial leader, who will oversee the development and implementation of its advocacy and campaign strategy. They will hire, supervise, and empower key staff and consultants that will operate on a Movement Action Team (MAT) to achieve the goals of the movement.  We are looking for a strong manager and leader, who is politically savvy, has strong campaigning vision, and has energetic and charismatic movement building qualities to drive advocacy and campaigns to end sexual violence against children.  A long-term commitment to measured impact is essential.


Ensure the continued development evolution of an ambitious advocacy and campaign strategy, including:

  • convening a collaborative, global, annual strategy planning, and impact assessment process;
  • building and supporting an appropriately diverse group of stakeholders who buy into/own the strategy;
  • supporting the implementation of the strategy through collaborative campaign/project delivery, the development of new/further projects, and the allocation of movement resources; and
  • leading the preparation and consolidation of the movement calendar.

Facilitate the growth of the brave movement, including:

  • promoting communication and information exchange between movement participants at global level,
  • supporting movement fundraising efforts, coordinating the development of funding proposals, overseeing the implementation of funded projects, ensuring high quality and on-time delivery of projects and maintaining strong relationships with funders, as well as developing and maintaining relationships with other potential funders,
  • connecting with other relevant movements, at national, regional, and international levels;
  • providing movement participants with opportunities for collaboration, including, but not limited to, campaign development and implementation;
  • reaching out to and working with other international organizations; and
  • facilitating leadership development and self-organizing by members.

Support the Global Steering Group (GSG), including:

  • working with the Chair, set agendas and organize Steering Group meetings and processes;
  • facilitating strategic communications between Global Steering Group members;
  • overseeing the development and implementation of Global Steering Group sponsored campaigns and projects;
  • overseeing project expenditures and budget, ensuring all necessary monitoring, evaluation and reporting expectations are met; and

Lead and supervise the Movement Action Team (MAT) (aka Secretariat) by managing the brave movement internally by:

  • building and sustaining a dynamic, results-focused, accomplished Movement Action Team;
  • being a role model for and building on the movement´s values and organizational culture (see Culture and Values statement below), creating a non-hierarchical, horizontal movement accountable all the way to the local level;
  • facilitating an environment where all stakeholders feel respected, appreciated, and resourced to achieve their goals;
  • supporting the MAT to examine and incorporate issues of intersectionality and racial, gender and economic justice into the movement operations;
  • exercising strong financial accountability, ensuring annual budgeting, efficiency, and impact, managing risks, and reporting and follow up on all key governance areas.

Support the Global Survivors Globally Empowered (SAGE), including:

  • working with the Chair, set agendas and organize meetings of the SAGE;
  • supporting outreach to new and existing SAGE members and survivor leader groups and constituencies across geographies.
  • ensuring SAGE members receive self-care and healing journey support and the capacity-building they need to succeed in public facing advocacy and campaigning.

Publicly represent the brave movement, including:

  • developing and maintaining relationships with key internal and external stakeholders, including movement allies, politicians, policymakers, UN organization, international organizations, corporate CEOs, funders and other stakeholders as necessary;
  • representing the movement in public events and forums, as needed; and
  • representing the movement to the media, as needed.

Candidate Profile

Work Experience:

  • Accomplished advocate, campaigner and manager with a minimum 10 of significant experience and documented success in facilitating social change, including movement building.
  • Knowledge and experience with international advocacy and campaign development and coordination.
  • Extensive experience in facilitating alignment and collaboration among diverse groups of social change advocates and stakeholders in all regions of the world.

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Demonstrated ability to develop and implement bold and ambitious advocacy agendas and campaigns.
  • Ability to work with diverse allies, coalitions, and individuals.
  • Ability to build and sustain movement structures.
  • Confidence in working within and across movements.
  • Capacity to shape and adapt strategies.
  • Ability to navigate difficult issues through multi-stakeholder processes to achieve alignment on positions and messaging.
  • Strong and inclusive leadership and management qualities. A collaborative, warm, consensual leadership style.
  • Able to embrace and advocate for the big picture but equally able to be hands-on.
  • Experience effectively supervising and motivating a high-performing team working remotely, in locations around the world.
  • Excellent communications, facilitation, and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong project management skills, including the ability to deliver projects to time, to budget and in line with agreed objectives.
  • Strong ability to work unsupervised and be self-directed, yet to meet the required project objectives.
  • Note:  Knowledge and understanding of issues related to ending sexual violence against children and adolescents are desirable but not required.


  • Must be fluent in both verbal and written English. Additional language(s) a plus.


Location and Hours:   This position is a full-time (40-hour per week) remote position. All team members are expected to be available during core working hours of 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. The other four hours that the team member chooses to work are flexible and the core hours may be adjusted as well if negotiated with their supervisor. Position will also require travel, up to 15-20%.

Compensation: This role offers a competitive salary based on the candidate location, i.e. the annual salary for the position for a candidate based in Washington, D.C. will be between $144,400 - $192,500. The salary will be adjusted based on the cost of labor and other required employee benefits in the city/country in which the candidate resides. Benefits offered will be based on what is customary or required in the country where the candidate resides.

Work Permits:   The candidate must have the ability to legally work in the country where they reside without sponsorship. In the United States, the candidate will be hired directly through Together for Girls on behalf of the brave movement.  If the candidate is hired outside of the United States, Together for Girls will work with an intermediary “Employer of Record” that is established in the candidate’s country to hire the candidate as an employee on behalf of the movement.

Culture and Values

The brave movement is embedded within Together for Girls, which is an equal opportunity employer and committed to maintaining an inclusive and diverse working environment free from discrimination and harassment. Our policy is to ensure equal employment opportunity without discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin including ancestry, ethnicity, gender, sex including pregnancy, gender identity, gender expression, transgender status, actual or perceived sexual orientation, age, religion, marital status, familial status, military or veteran status, or disability. Qualified applicants from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Given the nature of this movement, we particularly encourage survivor leaders and/or advocates to apply.

The brave movement operates within a courageous, inclusive, and flexible culture that empowers staff to have the capacity and ability to deliver change.  It strives to build and maintain psychological safety, trust, and accountability among team members in order to foster honesty and openness about needs and challenges while also prioritizing self-care.

We are looking to build an ambitious team that punches way above its weight. Our work environment is based on the values of respect, courage, empathy, agility, and collaboration. This is coupled with a strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion that underpins our work.

Posted on: 16 June 2022
Closed date: 16 July 2022 at 23:59
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