Voluntary role. Agree expenses will be reimbursed.
Voluntary, The Group will meet a minimum of 3 times a year.
Job description

England Lacrosse are seeking to appoint a Chair to our new Inclusion Advisory Group to help promote equality, diversity & inclusion within the organisation and with a volunteer network that has varying responsibilities, liabilities, and capacity.

Applicants for the position of Chair of the IAG should meet the following personal specifications.

Essential Skills:

  • A working knowledge of the key legislation relating to equality, diversity & inclusion.
  • A passion to promote equality, diversity & inclusion as part of a group.
  • Effective and confident communication.
  • Providing leadership for and working as part of a team.
  • Working in a professional manner as a representative of EL.
  • The ability to relate to the lacrosse community at all levels in the game.
  • Experience of working in the promotion and education of equality, diversity & inclusion.
  • Experience of working on discrimination cases and advising bodies on good practice, support, and disciplinary action.

The Role:

  • Helping promote equality, diversity & inclusion in a national governing body setting and with a volunteer network that has varying responsibilities, liabilities, and capacity.
  •  Identifying key issues and trends that may help to promote the game through relevant interventions.
  • Applying all the relevant EL policies and processes to all considerations and decisions.
  • Advising, supporting, and reviewing discrimination cases and investigations.
  • Relating the legal and ethical issues to cases, complaints, and individuals from a volunteer in sport perspective.
  • Supporting the development of any promotion and education of equality, diversity & inclusion.
  • Advising bodies on good practice, support and governance in inclusion and diversity.
  • Networking with key staff and contacts within EL and its communities.
  • Handling confidential information sensitively.

Duties and Obligations

Responsibilities of the Chair:

  • Providing leadership to the IAG.
  • Ensuring the IAG builds and maintains links with all the EL governance structure.
  • Chairing the IAG meetings and ensuring any working groups are effective in their areas leading change, improvements & decision making in a way which ensures decisions are balanced and representative of the whole of EL.
  • Guiding and supporting the rest of the IAG in undertaking its duties and responsibilities.  
  • Representing and championing EL on equity, diversity and inclusion matters as necessary.

Responsibilities of the IAG:

The main objectives of the Group are:

  • To promote equality, diversity & inclusion throughout all lacrosse activity in England.
  • To set clear standards and provide a mechanism to ensure that these standards are met.
  • To provide support to the development of improved policy, procedures, and standards at all levels of the game.
  • To recommend actions and improvements for adoption by the sport.

More specifically the group will:

  • Advise EL (and its governance structures) on policy, education, and campaigns for equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Deliberate on cases relating to discrimination and breaches of standards relating to diversity, equality, and inclusion coordinating with the EL disciplinary procedures as required.
Posted on: 23 June 2021
Closed date: 15 July 2021
Job ref: Inclusion Advisory Grouop
Tags: Volunteer Management, Governance