London, Greater London

£30,000 to £35,000 dependent on experience

Permanent, Full-time

UK Operations Manager, GAWF

Job Description

As a UK based charity operating in Greece since 1959, GAWF’s purpose is 'the prevention and relief of cruelty and suffering amongst animals in Greece'. We are proud of what we have achieved over many years as the longest serving animal charity operating in Greece at a national level. Many animals' lives have been improved by our work.

But there is still a lot for us to do before Greece becomes a country in which the quality of animals' lives matter. So that is why we are seeking someone committed to animal welfare with fundraising and communication skills and experience who can develop and improve our business approach to help increase our income from supporters, other trusts and foundations as well as from corporates, both in the UK and Greece, to help sustain our future. The role will require regular communication and working with Athens based staff and contractors, as well as UK trustees.  

Job Purpose

Being a small charity, the UK Operations manager is responsible for a broad span of duties, but with the core role of fundraising, supporter engagement, external publicity and communications (including managing the Trust’s website and social media output) and overall statutory compliance of the charity.

Job Title: UK Operations Manager

Main purposes of job - summary (see full job description attached

  1. To have overall responsibility for managing the London based operations of the Trust, accountable to the line manager / Board of Trustees. Manage the office and the Trust’s operations in the UK and any personal (permanent, temporary or voluntary) and hold the business relationships that are a consequence of running a small Trust, including all contracts for services providers and their costs.
  2. To raise funds to support GAWF’s aims and objectives. Broadly, contribute to and deliver the charity’s fundraising strategy and annual plan.
  3. To lead and manage the charity’s supporter engagement strategy and practices in the UK, and potential in Greece and internationally. Develop and improve our existing Microsoft Access Supporter Database baseline through effective and regular communication and marketing to expand supporter numbers and the average value of donations given.
  4. To manage all the external publicity and communications of the charity. Delivery against the Trust’s agreed Communications Plan, which includes active management of the Trust’s website and social media channels.
  5. Act as secretary to the Board of Trustees. Report regularly to the Board of Trustees, including preparing reports and organising meetings of the board.

Key tasks

Fundraising - Be responsible for the delivery of the charity’s annual fundraising strategy and annual plan.  

Supporter Engagement - Be responsible for and manage the Supporter Database as a key asset of the Trust to generate and sustain the Charity’s income. Expand supporter numbers and the average value of donations given.  

Publicity and communications - Be responsible for and manage the Trust’s website and social media channels in conjunction with Greek staff who translate into Greek to ‘mirror’ the content.

The Trust’s statutory compliance - To be responsible for all the Trust’s statutory compliance matters, accountable to the Board of Trustees. 

Accounting functions, systems & records - To be responsible for all accounting functions and systems, maintaining the accounting records, and producing regular financial reports to the Board of Trustees.

Key results/objectives (Against agreed annual targets):

  1. Income targets - Deliver the charity’s Annual Fundraising Strategy and Plan with the objective of achieving the income targets in the annual budget.  
  2. Supporter engagement - Deliver an agreed plan and targets to improve the quality of data held on existing supporters, increase supporter numbers and the average donation given through targeted campaigns and improved use of web-based technology.
  3. Publicity and communications - Deliver the charity’s annual Communication Strategy and Plan with the objective of improving the quality, content and frequency of all the trust’s communications by either printed, website or our social media channels.  
  4. Statutory compliance - Be responsible for ensuring the Trust remains compliant with all statutory requirements in the UK, accountable to Trustees.
  5. Financial Reporting - Be responsible for ensuring regular and accurate financial reporting to Trustees, to ensure Trustees remain compliant with their duties under company law and Charity Commission statutory requirements.

The Greek Animal Welfare Fund / Animal Action Hellas is an equal opportunities employer. 

Applicants are invited to read the attached full Job Description and Person Specifcation. 

Applicants must then complete the Job Application form attached, ensuring all critera (both essential and desirable) are addressed in the appropriate sections. Candidates who do not do this will not be considered. 

A covering letter stating why you feel you would be suitable for the job, along with a current CV, should accompany the Job Application. 

Job Interviews will be help at a London Bridge address on Thursday, 13th June. For those invited for interview, details will be advised asap after closing date.

Please note, this vacancy may expire earlier than first advertsied if a suitable candidate is found.