£50,000+ per year depending on experience
Permanent, Full-time
Job description

The Executive Director will be responsible for the successful leadership and management of Hagar International (UK) (“Hagar UK”), according to the mission and strategic direction set by the Hagar UK Board of Trustees.  The Board will set performance and accountability standards with the Executive Director fully responsible to accomplish them, within policies set by the Board. 

At all times, the focus of this position will be to source and deliver financial and related resources to enable Hagar’s field operations to do their life-changing work of  helping restore the lives of some of the most destitute and disadvantaged in the world.

Overall, Hagar UK’s Executive Director will provide leadership to forward Hagar’s mission and vision, by maximizing UK-based support for Hagar’s work.   Critical to this is the continued creation of a positive reputation for the organisation that is consistent with Hagar’s global branding strategy.  The Executive Director will work in close collaboration with Hagar International and other Hagar Program Offices and Support Offices providing a single point of contact in the United Kingdom.  The Executive Director will lead the development, implementation, and management of all facets of the fundraising plan.  


The Executive Director must fully support Hagar’s mission, vision, and values outlined in the Hagar Identity documents (See Annex 1).


Organizationally, the Executive Director is responsible to promote Hagar’s identity and values in the UK through a broad base of stakeholders and supporters. On a personal level, the Executive Director should be a servant leader demonstrating:


  • a passion for service to the world’s most disadvantaged
  • joy in encouraging people to give
  • integrity in stewardship.


Reporting Relationship:


This position reports to the Hagar UK Board of Trustees and specifically to the Chair of the Hagar UK Board of Trustees, for regular management coaching and supervision. The position also reports to the Hagar International CEO in a matrix management relationship on matters pertaining to global strategy, governance, financial coordination and reporting, systems, and brand compliance. 




Hagar UK was established in 2011 and employed an Executive Director to manage its operations which comprised:  soliciting, processing, and acknowledging donations; publicity; events; liaising with Hagar International.  Monthly income came from a small number of dedicated individual donors and several foundations. Most importantly for its initial momentum, credibility and tangible contribution to Hagar’s in-country programs, Hagar UK was able to secure a major, multi-year grant from the UK Government (DFID/UKAid) for a Hagar project in North East Cambodia. This project concluded in 2016. 


Since that time, Hagar has continued to have a small fundraising presence in the UK, but now needs to significantly boost its profile and engagement here to generate a new wave of resources and national recognition as a trusted internationally-focused NGO.


Hagar’s UK office is one of six such offices globally with other locations in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore.


The Executive Director will be expected to continue to open new channels and build donor support particularly among corporates and major donors, from the ground up. Hence, as stated earlier, the primary focus of this position is fundraising for Hagar UK through corporates and major donors, both individual and institutional, and from Government programmes. 


This includes the need to raise funds to invest in Hagar UK’s own capacity and to build a sustainable team here. 


It is important to recognize that the requirements and performance expectations of this entrepreneurial leadership role are dynamic and will evolve.


The Executive Director must be disciplined and organized, able to work effectively and independently within generally defined Board of Trustee guidelines and able to proactively identify and support the needs of the Board and the sustainable development of the Board itself.


Key Responsibilities:  Fundraising; Stewardship; Organizational Development; Partnership.  



  • Design and implement Hagar UK strategic plan, focused on raising funds and building strategic partnerships within the UK.
  • Keep well informed of all current activities within the Hagar partnership.
  • Support the Board in its own development and sustainability.


Fund Raising

  • Evaluate Hagar UK’s involvement in potential opportunities and prepare recommendations to the Board for implementation. 
  • Articulate the vision and mission of Hagar in a way which is accessible, accurate and compelling to the UK audience. 
  • Represent the Hagar network in a positive and compelling manner, while modelling a high standard of leadership, maturity, and integrity.
  • Adhere to international standards and Hagar policies and procedures for fundraising.



  • Develop an annual organisational budget.
  • Recruit, hire, supervise, and evaluate all additional Hagar UK volunteers and staff.
  • Produce quarterly reports to the Board of Trustees.
  • Oversee fund management and the transfer of funds from Hagar UK to Hagar International and its Program Offices.



  • Establish reporting and accountability standards for Hagar UK funding, ensure compliance requirements are met and visit Hagar UK funded programmes at least annually. 
  • Communicate openly and regularly with Hagar International, and all of Hagar’s Program Offices and Support Offices globally, including being a regular and active participant in key global coordination groups i.e. Group Executive, Global Fundraising & Communications Taskforce etc.
  • Ensure marketing, branding, communications and reporting standards of Hagar International are met.
  • Work with the Chair to establish the Board of Trustees’ agendas and provide logistic support to the Board process and any Board requests.




  • 15+ years of leadership and business development/fundraising experience working with major donors including individuals, foundations, and corporations.
  • Background in the local or international charity / NGO sector
  • Demonstrated experience in an entrepreneurial role and/or successfully building a business or non for profit.
  • Bachelor’s degree is a relevant field with a Master’s degree preferred.
  • Ability to speak, read, and write English fluently.
  • Relevant completion of a criminal and financial background check 
  • Ability to travel up to 15% of the time including international travel for program visits and global meetings.




A competitive compensation package consistent with prevailing not-for-profit expectations will be negotiated commensurate with the skills and experience.




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