£27k - 32k per year



Job Description

A charity area looking for an Insight Executive to provide market research and consumer insight support to staff across the charity, particularly for the Fundraising and Communications team.

You will be in charge of running the online research community and various surveys and you'll also be responsible for planning and carrying out/commissioning one-off primary and secondary research.

You will help through research, identifying new opportunities to improve and develop the charity's communications and fundraising through enhancing supporter journeys, product development and market development. You'll provide information for insight-based decision making and provide insight into competitor and market developments

You'll need a solid grounding in qualitative and quantitative research, including survey design and analysis and research project management.

This is a 12 month contract.
Key Responsibilities:
-Carry out research (primary and secondary) to provide greater supporter insight that informs the charity's communications, services and fundraising
-Respond to research requests in support of other departments' projects and contribute to, or manage, Communications and Fundraising departmental projects or evaluations through the provision of research, information and insight
-Provide research in support of the launch, implementation and evaluation of new initiatives working closely with Innovation team
-Identify research opportunities and undertake both qualitative and quantitative research that will contribute to the performance of the Communications division and the corporate priorities of the charity
-Research, analyse and disseminate information on charity trends, markets and competitor techniques and activity, as well as wider environmental trends (e.g. economic, political) to inform the activities and strategy of the Communications function.
-Provide training and support for staff undertaking their own research, advising on research resources and materials
-Support information management activities and knowledge management improvement projects to contribute to the development of the charity as a learning organisation
-Develop links and constructive working relationships both within, and on behalf of, the Communications division with other departments, this includes representation on cross-divisional working groups and in research forums
-To analyse opportunities in a range of identified markets and, with the Insight Manager, using informed judgement to develop the strategic plan to maximise support from those opportunities
-To maximise support by sharing knowledge, specialist expertise, best practice and experience of a specialist insight area with others as appropriate.

Skills and Experience required:
-A skilled researcher with thorough working knowledge of research tools and methodologies, such as basic survey scripting as well as other quantitative and qualitative techniques
-Highly developed written communication skills to understand, interpret and present complex information in a clear and persuasive way for a range of audiences
-Strong ability to verbally present information, including communication ideas, pitches and project updates to a range of audiences
-Ability to collect research data from various sources, analyse findings, identify opportunities, evaluate their viability and present findings clearly in a way that meets desired outcomes
-Proven ability to build, manage and develop relationships within an organisation and externally, and to achieve objectives through these relationships
-The ability to plan, monitor and implement projects to agreed deadlines often with conflicting priorities
-Well-developed ability to work with, and through, other teams and departments to maximise results for an organisation
-Experience of delivering insight to inform Customer Relationship Management strategies
-Experience of working within a research role, briefing and managing research projects, carrying out analysis of findings, and recommending business-based actions that have resulted in significant commercial improvements
-Experience of success in a customer-led environment such as fundraising, sales or marketing

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