London, Greater London

£28,412 per year

Contract, Full-time


Job Description

We are currently recruiting for 2 x IPS Employment Specialists.  One will be based within primary care and one within secondary care.  To apply, please first send your CV and if successful through the first round of shortlisting you will then be asked to complete an application form. 

The overall aim of this service is to support people with severe and common mental health problems to achieve paid, competitive employment in a fulfilling, sustainable way by deploying the evidence based Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Model:

There is one service with two elements and two teams

  • A high fidelity IPS Model and team integrated with secondary care
  • An adapted IPS Model and team integrated with primary care and Jobcentre Plus and accepting self referrals

There will be caseworkers in each team supported by an Operations Manager.  Caseloads in secondary care will be around 25 at any one time whereas in primary care this will be slightly higher at around 30. 

In addition to enabling people to enter and sustain mainstream employment the service also aims to support adults in Camden to

  • Recover more rapidly and effectively
  • Build social connections and support networks
  • Gain financial independence
  • Improve general health and wellbeing

This will be through direct support and maximisation of signposting to local resources and networks providing support including Camden’s Resilience Network.

Primary Care Caseworkers

There will be caseworkers based in IAPT teams, Jobcentre Plus and Team about the Practice (GP practices) working to an adapted IPS fidelity scale.  For caseworkers based in IAPT there may also be a need for job retention support for those who are already in work at the point of referral to ensure that they retain.  If this is needed it is likely to form up to 20 per cent of caseloads but this will be under review as the new service evolves.

For caseworkers based in IAPT the role involves working closely with clinicians to provide integrated packages of psychological therapies and employment support to people with common mental health problems who are struggling at work, off sick from work or looking to find work.  The caseworker is responsible for co-ordinating the integrated package of care to ensure that therapy and employment support are provided to support the individual to improve their employment position. The caseworker will also work directly with Jobcentre Plus, employers, trade unions and employment agencies to keep people in employment and secure employment opportunities. The caseworker will provide advice about the use of reasonable adjustment, graduated return to work, access to work and other mechanisms to support individuals and employers to support people in work. 

Secondary Care Caseworkers

There will be caseworkers based in Rehabilitation and Recovery Teams and other secondary care teams working to high fidelity.

Service objectives

  • To support significant numbers of people with mental health needs into sustained employment
  • To evidence the impact on people’s wellbeing of all service users
  • To provide employment advice to care co-ordinators, employers and other interested stakeholders
  • To challenge low expectations and stigma related to mental health and raise awareness about employability of people with long term mental health problems
  • To provide directly or through partner agencies careers advice and accurate benefits advice to enable people to make informed decisions about taking up and keeping employment
  • To act as a key link or ‘bridge’ between mental health services and employers
  • To provide focused support for people in work at risk of losing employment to retain employment
  • To work collaboratively with other services that promote community resilience in Camden and to be an active part of Camden’s emerging Resilience Network

The service will be an intensive personalised supported employment service targeted at people with mental health needs in Camden.  It will include high fidelity IPS support for people in secondary care and an adapted model based on IPS principles for people under primary care, under Jobcentre Plus and self referrals.