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Food and lodging provided, as well as a monthly living allowance.

Permanent, Full-time

About the organisation

We believe that people with learning disabilities have much to teach us and contribute to the world. During the last fifty years, we have learn... Read more

Job Description

L’Arche UK is part of an international federation of intentional communities where people with and without learning disabilities live together, working for a world where all belong.

In a world that rewards success and winning, L'Arche communities are places where people can take time to explore who they are, not just what they can do. They are places of welcome where people are transformed by the experience of community, relationship, disability and difference.

'Quite simply being part of L'Arche is being loved for who you are.'
Archana, L'Arche London Assistant

For 40 years L'Arche UK has been providing high quality person centred care, but we're far more than a service provider. We are communities of people with and without disabilities living, working and celebrating together. Our vision is a world where all belong.

We're looking for positive, responsible people who want to work as live-in assistants to help create a community that really tries to value people for who they are and what they can do.

'Living in L'Arche is like holding a mirror up to yourself and seeing the very best and sometimes the very worst of yourself reflected back.'
Amy, L'Arche Manchester Assistant

We work hard to look after everyone in our community providing a programme of opportunities for professional and personal development including individual and team reflection, retreats and an assistants training programme (including sign language, personal care and understanding autism) and a programme of opportunities for professional and personal development.

There are L'Arche Communities in: Bognor Regis, Brecon (Wales), Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Edinburgh, Highland, Ipswich, London,  and Kent. See our website for more information.